About us

igetHOME igethome specializes in temporary housing for displaced professionals and university students

We provide a differentiated service having as main focus the comfort of arriving home. This is what we intend to provide to our customers.

igetHOME has its own offer, through well-prepared residences with all the essential equipment and comfort elements for a good stay.

   The Concept


Our concept arose from the growing demand for displaced people and their difficulty in finding accommodation suited to their needs.

Quality and standardization are the basis of the selection of properties we have on offer.


We know the random way the rental market works to make life difficult for those who arrive in the city, making everything difficult and inconsistent for those who just want to get home, and ... to be at home.


These are the problems for those who arrive in the city:


  • Different quality than advertised

  • different location than advertised

  • Photos different from reality

  • Cleaning Issues

  • Maintenance issues

  • Outdated and defective furniture

  • Inadequate and worn bedding

  • Restrictions on the use of space and consumer services, such as water, etc.

  • Lack of privacy because in some cases the owner lives in the property  

  • Conditioned on the lifestyle and habits of the owner 

  • Language difficulties

  • No contracts

  • No receipts

  • No insurance

  • Lack of means of fire prevention and extinguishing

  • Parallel Economy / Illegal Housing

igetHOME service mitigates these difficulties by reducing the random factor and uncertainty regarding service quality. This way, we only try to sellect well located properties, that are fully equipped and with associated services, so that when you arrive, you feel at home, allowing you to enjoy your time in the best way.


No two residences are alike, but igetHOME quality of service and the standardization of our properties are kept the same so you always know what you will find when you open the door.

    Who uses our services

igetHOME specializes in accommodation for professionals and displaced students, having appropriate properties for each type of client.

We are contacted by clients directly and also by Universities, Institutes, Training Centers and companies with whom we have protocols of cooperation to obtain temporary accommodation for their students or professionals, respectively.


Recomendam os nossos serviços:


Mob. phone: + 351 931 656 811

Mob. phone + 351 930 409 094

Phone:  +351 217 923 739

E-mail: geral@homeprimesolutions.com


Office Headquarters:

Centro de Escritórios Campo Grande

Av. do Brasil, nº 1

1749-008 Lisboa


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