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Are you interested in football? Zelepukin looked at me carefully.

shrugged her shoulders ... I can hang myself for the company, but for the sake of football? .. He sighed and turned off the TV with regret:

- Work comes first. Sasha! Come out!

A shuffling sound was heard. From the side doors came a hefty

a man, about fifty years old, in a drooping T-shirt of the former brown color, the same tights and worn-out slippers. Rare gray hairs stuck out in different directions.

Has the detective arrived? he asked in a thin, straight womanish voice.

groaning, he sank into a chair against the wall. He took off his left slipper, raised his foot and scratched it. The cat jumped off Zelepukin's knees and approached him. - Vaska, asshole, - this Sasha sang, lifted the cat

took him in his arms. Do you love me, Vaska? Do you love? - The cat purred. He really loved Sasha.


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