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Retrato da menina
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The reading of this page does not dispense the full reading of the lease contract as well as its annex with the residences rules

01          SERVICE TERMS AND CONDITIONS            
  • Contact us
  • Visit (if requested)
  • Filling the online form with personal data (acceptance of personal data registration)
  • igetHOME informs IBAN to formalize the reservation with 150 € downpayment
  • Customer makes an advance of € 150
  • Confirmed reservation
  • A lease agreement signed between the parties is carried out, with which the residence rules attached
  • During check-in, the contract is signed and payment of the first 2 rents (1st and the 2nd) is due.
  • The downpayment of 150 € is then considered a deposit as a lease guarantee and will be returned upon check-out.



exemplo pagamento de rendas.jpg
  • Citizen Identity Card  or Passport
  • Proof of enrollment issued by the School 
  • Proof of connection to the company / institution / organization



  • Held until 12 noon
  • Verification of the furniture, materials and utilities of the residence through a checklist
  • Deposit refund
  • Filling out a satisfaction form to improve our service
  • The downpayment of 150€ not only serves to guarantee the customer the effective booking of the chosen room, but also guarantees igetHOME of having the room effectively reserved. A late cancellation impels igetHOME to replace ads and attract new clients, which may result in the loss of the first month previously booked, justifying the total retention of the downpayment.
  • Cancellation before the last 30 days prior to Check-In : The deposit is fully refunded within the  following 5 days.
  • Cancellation in the last 30 days prior to check-in: 50% of the deposit is refunded within the following 5 days.
  • Cancellation in the last 15 days prior to check-in: The customer looses the entire downpayment.
Example:  Booking starting on April 1st.
reembolso reserva.jpg
  • After one third of the initial term of the contract or its renewal, the lessee may terminate it at all times, by communicating to the landlord with the following minimum notice (Article 1098 of the Civil Code):


  • 120 days of the intended term of the contract, if the term of the contract is equal to or greater than one year ;
  • 60 days of the intended term of the contract, if the term of the contract is less than one year .
    • IgetHOME facilitates this deadline by accepting 30 days instead of the 60 that the law refers to.
Condições de Serviço
  • Payment methods: Bank transfer (NIB / IBAN / SWIFT); deposit into account.
  • The monthly rent is due on the 1st working day of the month prior to the one to which it refers.
    • Example:  Starting on March 1st.


  • Held between 2 pm and 6 pm
  • If it is not possible to comply with this schedule, the customer must contact igetHOME to assess this possibility.
  • Verification of the furniture, materials and utilities of the house, at its entrance through checklist
  • Customer signs the contract, the rules and the check in.
  • Payment of the first 2 monthly rents



Serviço inclui

Reading this page does not exempt you from reading the full lease agreement and its

attachments relating to  booking and payment policy, as well as residence rules

  • Consumption of electricity, water and gas


  • Internet Wi-Fi speed: 100Mb or 200Mb (depending on residence)


  • TV 100 channels (depending on residence)


  • Use of household appliances and utensils


  • Weekly cleaning in common areas


  • Single bed


  • Bedside table with lamp


  • Desk with lamp and chair


  • Clothes iron


  • Wardrobe with hangers


  • Mirror


  • Carpet


  • Bed linen




2 duvet covers


mattress cover


2 sets of sheets


1 pillow and 2 pillowcases


  • Swimsuit


2 bath towels


1 face towel


  • Individual key

  • Polar blanket

  • All rooms have a window


  • Weekly room cleaning service (optional at extra cost)



  • A maximum of 3 rooms per bathroom

  • Wi-Fi fiber

  • Heating

  • Washing machine

  • Cooker

  • Refrigerator with freezing

  • Microwave

  • toaster

  • Kettle

  • Kitchen and meal utensils

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Anti-fire kit

  • First aid kit

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Common TV with 100 channels (depends on residence)

  • Signage

  • Posted Regulations

  • Important contacts posted

Reading this page does not dispense with the full reading of the lease and its

annexes referring to the policy of reservations and payments, as well as the rules of residences

Can I bring over someone to dinner/socialize at the residence?

  • The holding of events represents a reduction in the enjoyment of space by other residents, in the wear and tear of the residence, increased consumption and eventual disturbance in the tranquility of other residents and the neighborhood.

  • If you have a family member visiting or a colleague who is going to study with you, respect the space and tranquility that is the duty and right of all residents so as not to collide with the welfare of other residents.

03 Frequently Asked Questions
What is the security deposit?
  • Security deposit is a security deposit of an amount defined by igetHOME. It is not an income and does not replace any income. The value is currently set at € 150.

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • This amount remains in the possession of igetHOME until the time of checkout, upon verification by checklist, being fully refunded to the customer unless there are anomalies / damages / losses, attributable to misuse by the customer and which involve repair or replacement costs.

Does the igethome issue receipts?

Yes . IgetHOME fulfills all legal requirements.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Likewise, we register all contracts on the AT - Tax Authority website, as well as, we register the entry of foreign customers on the SEF portal, as required by law.

Can I receive visits?   Also read the section: Restrictions

Each additional user means a reduction in the comfort of other users in the home, as well as higher costs of use and wear and tear in the home.

  • IgetHome has established the possibility of visits without additional payment, as long as they do not exceed 1 to 2 nights per month and as long as previously communicated .

  • Any additional use will be charged in the following income supplement to the proportional amount of income a day + 5%.

Are residences gendered?

Yes. There is no distinction between male and female. use is encouraged in order to safeguard and respect privacy and gender differences.

Do residences mix professionals and students?

No. IgetHome has residences for students only (COLLEGE), just as it has residences for professionals only (CORPORATE)


In case of force majeure * this rule may be occasionally and temporarily suspended until the circumstances considered normal for its application are restored.

* Temporary circumstances that imply a sudden drop in occupation by both students and professionals.


Can I make a reservation outside the pre-defined periods? (College only)
  • As long as payment for the full term (academic semester) is guaranteed , igetHOME does not impose a check in or checkout date.

  • The periods can be consulted in the igetHOME policy (above)





Can I book in vacation period (July and August)?  
  • In the holiday months, the prices charged will be the same as the rest of the year, as long as they follow a longer period (Corporate: minimum 3 months;  College:  minimum 1 academic period);

  • For unique summer bookings, prices that we published on Airbnb during only these 2 months will be applied * for the rooms whose normal bookings do not guarantee occupancy during this period.

  • Summer courses:  Students with summer courses benefit from the same prices applied for the rest of the year.

* In case of force majeure, due to an exceptional drop in demand during normal periods (from September to June), we may exceptionally use Airbnb bookings temporarily to compensate the lack of regular bookings.

Reading this page does not exempt you from reading the full lease agreement and its

attachments relating to  booking and payment policy, as well as residence rules

Obrigações, restrições, proibições

The common spaces are cleaned weekly, with igetHome exclusively responsible for this service.

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Guests have an obligation to wash / clean and tidy up the equipment and utensils they use at all times and immediately after use , allowing other residents to then access the same clean and tidy equipment and utensils.

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • for the benefit of all, the use of sanitary facilities must be taken care of and considered by the next user.

We are a family owned and operated business.


IgetHome is concerned with hygiene and with the social responsibility to care for the environment.

  • All guests are obliged to put all their waste in the respective bins as soon as they are produced and to close the common garbage bags tightly before they are full, so that there are no unpleasant smells or insects.

  • It is up to the guests to take the garbage bags from the residence to the bins in the lobby of the building.

Restrições e Proibições

Reading this page does not exempt you from reading the full lease agreement and its

attachments relating to  booking and payment policy, as well as residence rules

  • Use by non-resident non-communicated persons will be considered abusive and may result in consequences for the resident, depending on the circumstances.

  • all types of events with people not resident in the residence are strictly prohibited .

    • meals / parties / meetings / recreational activities with or without music.

  • Treatment among residents must be cordial and respectful, and any discriminatory, overbearing, authoritarian, vexing, immoral behavior is intolerable.

  • Any behavior that directly or indirectly may disturb or jeopardize the well-being, tranquility, dignity, values, integrity of other residents, in any way, is absolutely condemnable and will be considered as hostile, which may imply denunciation to the authorities as well as the immediate cancellation of the contract and consequent expulsion from the residence.

  • Smoking is prohibited inside igetHome residences.

  • Socially questionable and / or legally prohibited practices and vices are grounds for immediate cancellation of the contract.


  • the use of audiovisual equipment in order to disturb other residents is questionable, with moderation and common sense in its use being advised.


  • The equipment in the residence is owned by igetHome.

  • Modification, replacement, subtraction is prohibited without the express consent of igetHome , and it is the sole responsibility of igetHome to decide to maintain, replace, repair or remove any equipment from the residence.

  • There must be common sense in its use. Everyone has the right to use them on an equal basis, respecting the possibility that others can use the equipment in a reasonable time and in good hygiene conditions.



The renting of igetHome rooms is for older guests.

  • To safeguard the same as that of other residents, we consider it wise not to allow children to remain in igetHome residences.


We are for animals. However, since they are spaces for shared use, pets are not allowed in igetHome residences.


The benefit of applying good practices is all yours.

IgetHome's motto is: "The comfort of getting home"

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