HPS Technical Services

What we do
HPS Tehnical Services is one of the 3 business areas encompassed by Home Prime Solutions, which aims to provide the company with the widest range of services available to its customers.
Why we do it
This solution arose from the need for an ever greater centralization and variety of the services requested by those who seek us, filling a complementary need to the real estate agency
Benefits for you
Our Technical services, Real Estate Appraisals , Energy Certifications , Real Estate Renovations and Legal Assistance , support the remaining areas, and their execution is supported by methodologies in accordance with good practices, and with the legislation in force. In this way, we guarantee greater accuracy and confidence in your results, facilitating speed in real estate business.
How we proceed
Whenever you need one of these services, HPS through its own technicians and partnerships will respond as requested. 


We inform the client of the procedures to be followed for the execution of the work, which include the steps of identification, meeting, visit, budgeting, awarding, accomplishment of the service.

This way your order is satisfied in the most appropriate, fast and competitive way.







Asset appraisal

We carry out real estate appraisals of various types of real estate and for various purposes. These are done by qualified Evaluators of our staff, respecting the rules defined by the regulatory authorities. The evaluation is completed with the production of reports that comply with the national and international standards of the Securities Market Commission (CMVM) and the European Valuation Standards (EVS).


When contacting us, an Expert Real Estate Appraiser will initiate the process, which includes the appointment of a visit to your property, in which the data and documentation necessary for the production of the evaluation report will be collected.

For a correct evaluation it is strongly recommended that the following documents be delivered to the appraiser: Building Certificate (Finance); Permanent Certificate (Building Registry); License of Use (City Hall) and Floorplans. In addition to these documents, it is important to provide information such as, the Purpose of the Assessment; Burden and Charges and relevant conditions/facts that might interfere on the value of the property that may not be described in the official documentation.

These data are decisive so that the basis of assessment is as solid as possible, which is in the interest of the owner.

Assets type list
  • Apartments

  • Houses

  • Urban land

  • Stores

  • Wearhouses

  • Offices

  • Garages




For who we do it 
  • Individual ownersReal Estate Agencies

  • Estate and private companies 

  • Lawyers

  • Solicitators

  • Accountants

  • Banks

  • Insurance companies

  • Pension Funds

  • Real Estate investment  Funds

  • Determination of book value

  • Shares and separation of assets (Inheritance)

  • Tax Accounting (SNC)

  • For Banking purposes









Energy Certification

HPS Thecnical Services and its partner experts provide Energy Certification services, carried out with rigor, professionalism, speed and at competitive prices.

When contacting us, a Qualified Expert will initiate the process, which includes the appointment of a technical visit to your property, originating the report and its delivery up to 5 days after the technical visit, or up to 48h for urgent services.

The Energy Certification is mandatory by law (Law Dec. nº 118/2013) for all properties, except warehouses without office area, as well as storage. No deed of sale is made without this document.

It is also mandatory for the disclosure of rental or sale announcements, the indication of the energy class, under penalty for the owner and the real estate company to incur fines that can reach 20,000 €.

The Energy Certification Report has a variable duration depending on the type of the property. For residential properties is valid for 10 years.

The Energy Certification offers advantages for owners in particular commercial and ecological value, savings on bills and tax benefits in IMI and IRS, even if the building is not transacted.









We work in partnership with real estate remodeling companies, with which we share the following values:


  • Respect deadlines

  • Detailed budgeting

  • Competitive prices

  • Good balance price/quality


When you ask us, you will receive the contact of a qualified professional who will identify all your needs and preferences so that you receive the most appropriate and balanced quality/price solutions.


The services are performed with supervision and quality control fulfilling all the technical-legal requirements and invoiced in accordance with the presented budgets.


The use of our service does not imply any increase in price compared to direct contact with contractors, since our partnerships allow us to create synergies and economies of scale by providing competitive prices for our customers.


Mob. phone: + 351 931 656 811

Mob. phone + 351 930 409 094

Phone:  +351 217 923 739

E-mail: geral@homeprimesolutions.com


Office Headquarters:

Centro de Escritórios Campo Grande

Av. do Brasil, nº 1

1749-008 Lisboa


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