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IgetHOME is specialist in temporary lease of medium-term for displaced professionals. We act in strict compliance with the laws that regulate this activity, complying with the rules of operation and safety, as well as contracts, billing and insurance, with a professional treatment at all levels..

We know all your needs and requirements. Therefore, we have created a consistent quality standard, observed in all the rooms that make up our offer. 


There is a maximum of 3 bedrooms for each bathroom and consumption expenses are included in the monthly rent.


All our rooms have modern, practical and appealing furnishings, where comfort details have been designed to make you feel at home for the duration of your stay. This furniture includes at least:


  • Individual bed;

  • Bedside table with lamp;

  • Desk with LED lamp and chair;

  • 3 door closet with hangers;

  • Loundry basket;

  • Rug;

  • 2 sets of towels including bath (large 500gr) and face; 

  • Bed linen 

    • Duvet; 2 duvet covers; mattress cover; 2 sets of sheets; 1 pillow and 2 pillow cases

  • Mirror.


The apartments are adequately equipped with indispensable comfort items such as:


  • Always updated appliances;

  • Internet access wi-fi, cable TV with 100 channels;

  • Heating


cleaning service of common spaces are held every week by specialized staff.

Our contacts are always available to resolve any occurrence.


igetHOME advantages:

  • Professional team dedicated to the accommodation of your employees.

  • Commitment of quality standard consistent to all our offer.

  • Easy communication also in English.

  • Convenient location of our residences



The professional:


"... I will be in Lisbon to work in the coming months and I intend to rent a room ..."


The company:

"... Our company seeks accommodation for some of our professionals on a regular basis, it would be useful to have a protocol that expedites this process ..."



Mob. phone: + 351 931 656 811

Mob. phone + 351 930 409 094

Phone:  +351 217 923 739


Office Headquarters:

Centro de Escritórios Campo Grande

Av. do Brasil, nº 1

1749-008 Lisboa


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