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Porque surgiu a HPS
Why was HPS created

Home Prime Solutions Emerged from the strong will to put into practice a set of innovative ideas that aim to satisfy the consumer's appetite for new methods. 

Both owners, buyers and tenants aren’t always satisfied with an environment that has experienced major changes and especially with the enormous gap among the thousands of companies operating in the Portuguese market.


There is a place to join good and innovate practices.  That is our plan.

A HPS no mercado
Home Prime Solutions
brands and services
HPS Real Estate

Consutancy for owners

Selling agency


Real Estate Consierge



Expat professionals

Universitary students

HPS Thecnical Services

Property Valuation

Energy Certification

Real Estate Refurbishing


HPS in the market

Home Prime Solutions Created business units that gave a selective and personalized response to the specific needs of each customer in the following areas:



igetHome is a registered trademark of Home Prime Solutions, specialized in accommodation for expat professionals and university students.


Under igetHome brand, we provide a differentiated service having as main focus, the comfort of arriving home, which we intend to provide to our customers. 

igetHome has its own fully prepared residences equipped with elements of comfort essential for a good stay. 

 HPS Real Estate 

The Real Estate HPS, looks at existing real estate as real business partners and never as competitors. 


We provide above all the interests of our customers and the responsible pursuit of their objectives. 


Both owners, buyers and tenants expect from HPS innovative solutions that make it possible to meet their needs and preferences in real estate transactions.



 HPS Thecnical Services 


HPS Technical Services aims to provide wideness to the company services available to its customers. This solution arose from the need for greater centralization and variety of services requested by those who seek us.


Our technical services, Asset appraisal, Energy Certification, Remodeling, support the remaining areas, and its execution is sustained on good practices and legal compliance, that provides us with the best possible response to our customer’s needs.  


This way we guarantee greater accuracy and confidence in the outcome results, facilitating quicker real estate business deals.



A nossa missão
Our mission


always aim our customers full satisfaction

Os nossos valores
Our values


The values ​​of HPS, reflect the choices and conduct of the Founding Partners. They are the principles that guide our lives at HPS. It is our daily obligation to respect in order to achieve our goals.



Rigor, Ethics, Loyalty, Commitment


These are the main values ​​of HPS, which at all times require,

Effectiveness, Quality, Proactivity, Versatility, Innovation, Cooperation

... put customers first

... the fulfillment of assumed commitments

... Rigor and promptitude of the services provided

... business integrity and Ethics

... loyalty to customers and business partners

... the incessant demand for innovation

... making business clear

A HPS e suas parcerias

more than 50 real estate agents

HPS partners
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